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 I want to take a minute to give you guys information about the program that I am participating and a few other full-scholarship study abroad opportunities in case you are interested. The program I am taking part in is YES Abroad and I have the basic info about it below and then i'm just putting links to the other exchange programs at the bottom of the page. If your interested in any of the programs, go for it! They are all AMAZING opportunities!!!
YES Abroad (U.S. Students going Abroad)
" The Kennedy-Lugar YES Abroad program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is offering American high school students and recent graduates in the U.S. full scholarships for up to one academic year to live and study abroad in countries with significant Muslim populations. Scholarships cover expenses for program fees, pre-departure and arrival orientations in Washington DC, secondary health insurance, and ensure careful placement with host families that, like you, are eager to share themselves with the world.
Like the YES inbound program, students live with host families, attend high school, engage in activities to learn about the host country’s society and values, acquire leadership skills, and help educate others about American culture while learning about their host country’s culture. During the 2012-2013 school year, 53 American students will travel overseas.
 Upon their return the students will apply their leadership skills in the United States. In addition, alumni groups will help participants continue to be involved with many community service activities including: clothing drives, mentoring younger children, and much more."
If you have questions about applying or my experience with YES just message me or comment on one of my posts :)
You have to be in high school when you apply so you can go your sophomore, junior, or senior year, or as a gap year student. Each country has specific age limitations though.

Countries/Destinations: This year the countries are Ghana, Malaysia, Morocco, Turkey, Oman, Thailand, Bosnia, India, and the best Indonesia!! The countries can change each year though and you are allowed to give your country preferences on the application, but there are no guarantees. Egypt and Mali were canceled this year due to safety/stability issues. I also heard that South Africa and Tunisia are being added next year.

Other Department of State Programs (For U.S. and Foreign Students):  FULL SCHOLARSHIP !!!
YES Program (inbound): Full school year exchange for foreign students living in predominantly/significantly Muslim countries to the U.S. Check site for specific countries that participate. Website:

NSLI-Y: Study abroad for U.S. students who want to learn less-common foreign languages. I think this is a summer program although I'm not 100% sure. Website:

CBYX: Full school year exchange to Germany for U.S. high school students. Site:

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