Monday, October 22, 2012

Indonesian Music

This is my favorite Indonesian song that I've heard so far (Orang Ke-3 (ketiga)). It's more mellow than most Indonesian songs I think. I wish I understood the meaning because lyrics  are usually a big part of the reason I like a song, but i do know this song title means 'the third person' but it doesn't translate exactly. And my host sister told me the song is about a guy who is in love with a girl who is in love with someone else so he is heartbroken. anyways hope you like it..
Another note on music here: popular American songs are also big here and some are more mainstream here than they are now in the U.S. (I hear Maroon 5, Call Me Maybe, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Whistle by Flo Rida, and Pitbull's International Love almost daily) Most radio stations play more English music than Indonesian music and for the most part if I mention an American singer to my friends here, they know who he/she is. K-Pop is also huge, but the only artists I know are PSY (Gangnam style!!) and SNSD (girls generation). Karaoke is also really popular here-I've already been 4 times! But its not like in the U.S. where you perform in front of people at a bar or something.  Basically you go with friends and you get a private room with sofas and a flat screen and a few mics and somehow you can't hear people singing in the hall which is amazing because in my experience theres just has much yelling that goes on as singing-not to mention dancing on the couches. haha

Oh also, speaking of radio, during prayer times the radio stations will stop whatever they are broadcasting and play the Azaan (call to prayer). This surprised me the first time I heard it, because I thought Azaan only came from the loud speakers outside mosques. I'm not sure if all the stations do this or not though, because I haven't heard it too much, but maybe I'm just not listening at prayer times- I'll try to pay more attention and see.

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