Monday, October 1, 2012

Rumah Baru Saya

My new home in Bandung <3

 my street. It looks pretty calm, but there are actually a lot of cars that cut through and about every hour maybe more like every 20-30 mins actually, you hear a food vendor come by. They ring a bell usually or yell out, kinda like when an ice cream truck comes in the U.S. also different vendors make different sounds, like the high pitched bell is ice cream and the lower pitched gong noise is nasi goreng or some type of food with meat i think.

the ally-way next to my house. I went outside for the first time alone today and started walking up it, but it went up to some houses and I kinda felt like i was snooping around plus a few ppl walked past and kept staring at me so i ran back down. I only made it about 300 ft from my house haha.

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